Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

Well. It has been my worst year for knitting since I started this blog. I had a year of trauma, turmoil and overwork and result was that I knit nothing at all apart from a super easy ribbed scarf in some aran weight Noro yarn, this being a travelling project that is easy to transport around with me.

At one point this year I even thought I was going to have to put all of my knitting stuff into storage and I'm so glad I escaped that fate, because my yarn means a lot to me.

If I manage to do any knitting at all this coming year then it means that I am having a better time than I have had this year.

I am going to at least mark the new year by trying to get my knitting projects organised, because they've been stuffed in boxes and dragged around the house a dozen times this year, with the result that I hardly know where anything is.

I had to buy a sofa this year because it was sort of an emergency and that means I've lost the space where I used to keep my knitting things but I shall try to be creative and come up with something.

Please wish me luck for 2016, because 2015 was pretty awful.