Sunday, January 04, 2015

First completed project of 2015.

The New Year Hat & Scarf are complete. I weaved in the ends on the scarf. Of a choice of two hats, moss stitch and cable, I decided to go with the moss stitch one because it was a better fit. I unravelled and reknit the band of ribbing at the bottom, remembered to cast off loosely, and we are good to go. I am happy that I finished this before my Xmas holiday ended.

One project down, 16 to go. Because there are such a lot of outstanding projects, I'm going to tackle them in order of how close they are to completion. That's why we've now got this far with Margot's Rainbow Blanket.

All the squares are stitched together. The border is done. I wish I had made it wider, but fuck it, it will do. I'm not going to attach a second border, the recipients won't care. What remains: firstly, there are a lot of ends to weave in at the back. Secondly, I need to wash it and try to block it, even though it is acrylic, because the tension on all those crochet squares was a bit uneven, as was my sewing, so this thing is not going to lie down flat and look tidy without help. I am hoping that wet blocking it and/or pressing it will solve the problem.

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