Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of January update.

A quick update since it is the end of the month.

I am determined to get some projects completed this year because there are so many WIPs. Despite this, I recklessly started crocheting a chevron scarf out of some Rowan Alpaca Colour in hot pink. In so doing, I raised the number of projects that I am trying to reduce to zero by the end of 2015 to eighteen. Let's see how we are doing on knocking that tower of unfinished projects down. I need to complete 1.5 projects per month if we are going to achieve zero by the end of the year.

I am starting with the ones that are nearest completion because some of them have been hanging around for so ridiculously long. I have realised that I neglect them because I don't enjoy seaming and setting in sleeves, in short, finishing. This is partly because I am not confident about my finishing skills and regularly screw things up. On the Colourful Top, which is now fully sewn up and just awaits a final blocking, I set in sleeves properly, using back stitch, for probably the first time. I can see that if I stick with this programme of tackling the nearly-completed projects first, my finishing skills should improve. This will be a good outcome.

Completing 1.5 projects per month, if I can keep up that pace and stick with it, will get progressively more difficult as the year rolls on, because we will eventually reach projects that are barely even started. November and December could see me attempt to knit large shawls and intricate lace scarves from scratch. But we will worry about that when it happens. Let's look at the scores so far, at the end of the first month.

  • Fully completed projects: 1. The New Year Hat & Scarf are wearable and in use.
  • Awaiting blocking: 2. Margot's Rainbow Blanket and the Colourful Top.
  • Awaiting sewing: 2. Kitsch sweater, Maria yellow sweater.
  • In-progress knitting or crochet: 13. Miscellaneous, including the alpaca chevron scarf, which is a new entry.

What this list represents is the achievement of having moved both the Rainbow Blanket and the Colourful Top past the stage where there was seaming and 19,000 ends to weave in. These things can be very time consuming. I've just spent well over two hours weaving in ends on the Colourful Top and it wasn't my first session of doing that.

Looking down the list for the next thing I can work on that doesn't mean getting the iron out right now, I see there's a choice of Maria or Kitsch. I bought the yarn for Kitsch in 2005, so that settles it. I needs to stop being an idea and become a reality. It's nearly 10 years old.

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