Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year Sparkles

Well, Christmas is over and we are almost into 2014 so it certainly is time to take stock of the massive pile of works in progress that are lurking under my dining table.

  • Margot's Rainbow Blanket. This is a crochet project. I am gradually improving at crochet, getting faster and with more even tension. I've made 19 squares and I think I need another 16 so we are doing OK. I did a lot of work on this while visiting relatives over Xmas.

  • Victoria Cardigan in my favourite Louisa Harding Mila yarn in green.

  • The yellow Maria sweater with the orange frills is still in the finishing basket and needs to be sewn up.
  • The blue Flock of Geese shawl remains an early-stage work in progress. I hoped to wear this shawl this winter but I think I've missed the boat. Maybe can complete this for next winter.
  • The red Merlot shrug is still a work in progress and is another Christmassy garment that can be worn in 2014. I am just starting to realise how much I like sparkly yarn, I use it in nearly everything apparently. It's only the baby blanket that doesn't have added bling.
  • Oh look, even more sparkles, quelle surprise. Apparently I have started making a Persephone sweater using Rowan Glimmer Print.

  • The purple Eddard socks are still in the finishing basket, they just need the toes sewing up.
  • The blue Beauty bolero hasn't made any progress since last time.
  • Ha ha, this is getting beyond a joke now. It seems that I have started making a Baby Surprise Jacket in Patons Flower Garden, a yarn that is widely reviled for its synthetic and sparkly qualities.

  • The pink Ocean Sweater is in the finishing basket, waiting to be sewn together.
  • The Edith lace scarf is going to be beautiful but has barely got off the ground and needs more attention than I have time.
  • The heavy cotton Kitsch sweater is still in the finishing basket, if I complete it, it will be great for spring. It looks like I am half way through attaching the neck band.
  • The pink Rosa sweater is still in progress.
  • The Wollemeise Colourful Top looks like it is still in the finishing basket.

I think that's it. Finishing basket: 5 items. Works in progress: 9 items.

Remind me not to start anything new until we have those 14 projects dealt with.

... wait. There's a 15th project. The Jalapeno cotton summer top that I've been making since 2010. Maybe if I can get this done I could wear it this summer (laughs hysterically).