Saturday, October 19, 2013

55 Christmas Balls To Knit by Arne & Carlos

For a while now I've been interested in knitted Xmas decorations. Not that I am particularly crazy for Xmas but once in a while I enjoy making handcrafted gifts in a large batch. As you'll recall, one year I did hats for everyone, another year I did those washcloth & soap sets. So I was thinking that maybe one of these years I will knit a bunch of Xmas decs and everyone can have two or three. That being the case, I've been looking out for nice patterns and this book has by far the nicest and most tasteful ones I've ever seen. The photography is also lovely and the authors seem adorable.

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Aberdonian said...

I knitted a bunch of them last year to give to some co-workers. I loved knitting them and I will do some more at some point. They are really quick too.