Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flock of Geese swatches

I did several swatches for the Flock of Geese shawl because, while I like the colour of that blue Cascade wool, I strongly felt that it needed a decorative border.

I tried holding the yarn together with the cream Debbie Bliss silk that I showed you. But the yarns are too different in weight and texture. They didn't hold together well. Had I continued, that cream yarn would have left endless loops hanging, ready to get caught on things. The silk yarn is so pretty, though, and eventually became the newly-started Edith Scarf that I was just telling you about.

Then I tried it with some blue Noro Hotaru. I rejected this option because it makes the Hotaru look boring and conservative, and it deserves better.

Tried it with some white Patons Flower Garden (I know, I am tacky and I have no taste). Rejected this option as too pastoral. I'm not a flower fairy. Also it was a bit too summery, this is going to be quite a heavy wool shawl and not just for hot weather. So I unravelled it yet again.

At last, a combination I'm happy with. Fluffy white mohair. The effect is slightly feathery and actually does remind me of the wings of a bird. All I have to do now is keep going and try not to make mistakes because like everything else I ever make, it's a pain to un-knit.

I didn't know this until just the other day, but I've heard that a problem with triangular shawls is that the points don't hang straight, they go curly. So I might have inadvertently done the right thing putting a relatively stiff and heavy border on.

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