Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flock of Geese Shawl

OK, so because I don't have enough knitting projects on the go already.

I'm thinking of making a Flock of Geese shawl out of two skeins of Cascade 220.

I'm a bit obsessed with shawls, all of a sudden. I seriously thought that I had no use for them and then I realised that I own a shawl that I wear all the time when going out in the evening in summer! It's a triangular wool/cashmere number that I bought a year or two ago from Marks & Spencer. I love it, it is useful, it's easy to carry when you're not wearing it, you can drape it however you want around your body, etc. I'm slightly stunned that I was wearing and enjoying this garment while persisting in the belief that I don't wear shawls.

My M&S shawl is mushroom colour, which is a good neutral shade but I have plenty of yarn and a lot of shawls are quite easy, if large, knitting projects. If I had a couple of shawls in other colours, I would wear those too. That's why I'm continuing to browse patterns even though this one is kinda underway.

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