Thursday, April 04, 2013


A new project. I've suddenly fallen in love with Kidsilk Haze, about 10 years after everyone else. Merlot is by Marie Wallin and it is in the Rowan Parisian Nights pattern book.

I am doing mine in red because it's my favourite colour and I keep wishing I had a red cardigan to wear over various dresses.

I can now see why this garment is shown in such sombre colours because the rows of bobbles that are made out of sparkly yarn (that would be Anchor Metallic) are dangerously close to being a bit tacky, but I think it will be okay for evening wear and I could always make a plainer red cardigan for day time. There's no limit to how much I love the KSH and it looks gorgeous when that yarn is held and knitted together with the metallic thread.

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