Thursday, April 04, 2013

Colourful Top: front and sleeves done (I hope).

I knit the front of this sweater without any problems.

Then the time came to do the sleeves. I realised the sleeve stripes should match the sweater stripes if possible. These are set-in sleeves, meaning that the number of rows in your sleeve cap doesn't correspond to the number of rows in your armhole, which makes positioning the stripes a matter of trial and error. I knit one sleeve as a test and found that the stripes were wrong. Then I knit another sleeve with the stripes positioned differently and that looked a bit more like it was going to match. But obviously you can't really tell when your knitting isn't blocked so the next thing I had to do was block everything. Here you see a pair of sleeves which I really hope are going to match neatly when I come to sew it all up, which I will do when Green Silk Happiness has finally dried and I can take it off my living room table.

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