Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is making progress, it's a lot of fun to knit. Not quick though because the bobbles slow you down. I can see it's going to require quite a lot of knitting to complete the whole garment.

Eddard Socks

These are slowly coming along. I need to get on with them and stop being distracted by Merlot. I really hope I haven't made a mistake about what row I'm on. I am not that great at reading knitted fabric when it is cables.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Louisa Harding Mila

I am a little bit obsessed with this new yarn. It's 91% cotton and 9% polyester. Gauge 18 sts and 26 rows, 5mm needles. It is soft and has a ply of golden sparkly stuff in it. It looks like sweets. I am obsessed with the colours and the gold sparkle. I have a few balls in yellow and orange. Look at this.

 And now look at the pattern support. I can't stop looking at this pattern book. I keep looking at that red, orange and pink sweater which is nearly identical to the red, orange and pink Colourful Top that I've almost finished making, which just shows what a creature of habit I am.

I am seriously thinking about making that top there with the frilly hem and sleeves. Seriously. I think it is because the yarn is frivolous and therefore it seems to need a frivolous design to show it off. I am thinking about making it in yellow with orange trim. It will either be awful and tacky or amazing. I think I'm willing to take a chance on it. I'm desperate to see how it knits up.

Thursday, April 04, 2013


A new project. I've suddenly fallen in love with Kidsilk Haze, about 10 years after everyone else. Merlot is by Marie Wallin and it is in the Rowan Parisian Nights pattern book.

I am doing mine in red because it's my favourite colour and I keep wishing I had a red cardigan to wear over various dresses.

I can now see why this garment is shown in such sombre colours because the rows of bobbles that are made out of sparkly yarn (that would be Anchor Metallic) are dangerously close to being a bit tacky, but I think it will be okay for evening wear and I could always make a plainer red cardigan for day time. There's no limit to how much I love the KSH and it looks gorgeous when that yarn is held and knitted together with the metallic thread.

Colourful Top: front and sleeves done (I hope).

I knit the front of this sweater without any problems.

Then the time came to do the sleeves. I realised the sleeve stripes should match the sweater stripes if possible. These are set-in sleeves, meaning that the number of rows in your sleeve cap doesn't correspond to the number of rows in your armhole, which makes positioning the stripes a matter of trial and error. I knit one sleeve as a test and found that the stripes were wrong. Then I knit another sleeve with the stripes positioned differently and that looked a bit more like it was going to match. But obviously you can't really tell when your knitting isn't blocked so the next thing I had to do was block everything. Here you see a pair of sleeves which I really hope are going to match neatly when I come to sew it all up, which I will do when Green Silk Happiness has finally dried and I can take it off my living room table.

Green Silk Happiness, finally washed.

When this is dry, it's ready to wear. I can't do another thing with it.

The pattern for this garment is called the Simple Knitted Bodice and I used the recommended yarn which is a  Tilli Thomas silk with no twist in it. I have to say, I did not find this at all simple to make which perhaps explains why it took me 6 or 7 years to complete. This is coming from someone who can turn out large intarsia projects and a twelve-foot lace shawl. Would not knit again. Never mind, at least it's done now. Here it is drying. Then I can face the challenge of finding some way to store it and maybe even occasionally wear it. It certainly has its fair share of mistakes, clumpy areas and loose stitches, none of which silk yarn is going to forgive, and we are just going to write off these mistakes as 'rustic' or something.