Friday, March 08, 2013

Kidsilk Haze Dark Blue/Green Scarf

This is a KSH Ballband Scarf # 2 of 3. I'm excited to see how the colours come out, it was really fun watching that happen with the pink/orange version that I've just finished.

Eddard Socks

These are the attractively cabled socks I'm currently working on. They are for a man, if the relationship outlasts the knitting.

Colourful Top

Right, I am working through projects in order of how near they are to completion. I thought a pair of socks would be next but it turns out to be this top, I have knitted the whole back piece so it is quite far along already. I am improvising a variation on a sweater called Neroli from an old Jaeger Handknits magazine. I'm eliminating a lace panel and substituting coloured stripes. It's only a short-sleeved V-neck number so unless I run into any problems making the front, it should be done quite soon.

Debut Scarf

This is the Debut Scarf, so called because I think it's the first thing I've ever made in crochet. It was in the Finishing Basket for two years, waiting for me to sew a flower on. I just sewed the flower on. I would say it took me about five minutes.

Green Silk Happiness

This is finished, I've just weaved in the final end. It needs to be washed because it's been in progress for 7 years, it's one of the very first projects I ever posted about on this blog, and now it's complete. One quick wash and it's ready to wear. It will be much less ragged and crumpled when it's been washed and blocked into shape.

Kidsilk Haze Pink/Orange Scarf

Not a single end remains to be woven in, I've done them just now, after catching the last of the daylight for photos. We are done. Very nice, fluffy, mohair scarf, 6.5 foot long. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe and the pattern is printed on the back of the ball band. I like the pattern and the yarn so much that I am going to make a couple more of these.

Zpagetti Rimini Handbag

This was made in no time at all from a Zpagetti kit. The Zpagetti yarn is the heavy cotton you see there and the kit includes bag handles. I added the bows myself, it is Louisa Harding sari ribbon. The bag is currently in use hanging next to my desk, storing lipsalves, tissues, hand cream, etc.


OK, so the knitting bug bit me quite badly and I found myself in WHSmith one day with the strong urge to knit something and no materials. So I picked up Issue 48 of Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet.

Now, this is not what you would call a serious magazine but the cover gift included yarn and needles, and the magazine included patterns for about 8 small projects that you could make with the yarn and begin right away. So I did. In no time at all, I'd knocked up this pair of mittens. I was happy about this because I've never made mittens before and I've been wanting to try.

I am unsure whether these are perfectly correct or not. On the one hand, the pattern couldn't have been simpler. On the other hand, I'm not convinced that they are perfect mirror images of each other and I don't know if it's because of some quirk in the arrangement of the decreases that I'm not contemplating very carefully. In any case, this was a very quick and low risk introduction to mittens so I will definitely try some others now, using nicer yarn.

See that owl cushion on the front cover of that magazine? I am so ridiculously tempted to make that. This is how I know there is something wrong with me. I really don't need or even want a small owl cushion, yet I'm itching to cast on.

Blog Spring Clean

Well, I am still knitting frantically so we'd better have a thorough clean up around here, post photos and update everything. Here goes.