Friday, July 20, 2012

It's a girl

Aww, it's an adorable little girl. Beatrice Lily. Isn't that wonderful. Lots of little-girl baby and toddler knitting in my future.

Photos coming soon.

I have finished both blankets in the sense of having done all the knitting and weaved in most of the ends. I just need to embroider some duck wings and stitch on some beaks.

In a fit of productivity, I've finished the Sunshine sweater. I'm shocked to report this as I bought the yarn in 2005 or something.

I've now restarted work on the Orange Bamboo Top which is also about seven years old. AND I have very nearly finished Green Silk Happiness. I've put the second sleeve on and now all it needs is a neckline. GSH also is about seven. Some of these projects have been around longer than domestic pets.