Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Happy New Year

HNY yarn crafters!

Knitting took rather a back seat in 2011 because I was busy with dozens of new hobbies including learning Chinese, taking up running, learning to sew, going out and socialising more, etc etc. Now I have all these new activities in my life I shall have to be very organised about making time to do everything as knitting is really important to me, especially when I think about my lovely yarn stash that I might as get rid of if I'm not going to use it, otherwise it will just be a huge sanctuary for my pet moths.

Let's have a quick review of how 2011 ended. I wove in the ends on the Embossed Leaves Socks, I am wearing them right now and they are my favourite pair of hand knit socks ever.

I finished Joe's Autumn Hat and Scarf and gave them to him at Xmas. I think he really liked the scarf and so he should, it is huge and has cashmere in it. He talked about wearing it in bed and I would be fine with that, if he gets some use out of it and it keeps him warm then I don't mind where he wears it.

The Sunshine Sweater has moved into the Finishing Basket as I am now sewing it up. I could do with losing a few pounds if I want to wear it this summer.

The Emergency Baby Blanket is about 40% done but I don't like it very much and I feel as though I might have to knit something else for my business associate's baby.

Finally, 2011 ended with the news that another baby is expected this year by someone close to me - it's not public knowledge yet so I can't say who it is but the occasion demands a lovely baby blanket that's on a par with the very best baby blankets I've ever knitted so look out for that over the coming months.

Have a great knitting and crocheting year ahead, readers!