Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A bit of panicky pre-Xmas knitting

Hello dearies!

I am alive and knitting. Because we are well into December I have realised that I need to get my shit together ahead of Xmas. I did nearly all my Xmas shopping online I think it was yesterday, and I just have a few knitting and sewing projects that need to be finished - and in some cases, begun - in time to put things in the post. Should be no problem, right? HA HA HA HA HA.

The one I'm panicking about the most is as follows. A business associate of mine had a baby girl, ages ago actually, and I promised I would knit something for her. Naturally I came over all ambitious and the first thing I tried to knit was an extremely fiddly intarsia dress from one of those hellish Vogue knitting books. Here is how far I got. Excuse the horrible photos. I have no longer got time to mess about taking nice ones.

It is four-ply yarn and incredibly splitty. I don't really like that shade of pink (it's much less horrible in real life but still looks like boiled ham). Worst of all, that little bit you see there took absolutely forever. I am really not joking. I pulled it out the night before last and realised I didn't have a hope in hell of finishing it this year.

I decided to start on an alternative baby project. Something QUICK. Because I am a complete fool, I thought 'quick' could still include four ply knitting but maybe this time I could do Fair Isle instead of intarsia. See how stupid I am? As though I can knock out a 4 ply Fair Isle cardigan in one night or something. I spent the whole of last night knitting, until about 2am, and came up with this:

I did not stop because it was 2am and I was making fearfully slow progress, oh no. I stopped because I realised my tension was off. The Fair Isle section was way too tight, there was no way it was going to stretch around a baby. Went to bed in despair.

Got up this morning and went to work, feeling worried. That's when I remembered my Emergency Baby Project that I keep at the office. It is a super-simple and small basketweave baby blanket. It is DK weight yarn on 4mm needles. It is in not very attractive pink acrylic but hey, this is an emergency. I took it out and had a look at it. Not bad. Managed to do a bit of work on it while doing some work related reading this afternoon. I think this is what the baby is getting. No time left for messing around. This is simple to make. Bang it out, give it a wash when done and thread a ribbon through the eyelets around the outer edge. Will have to do. Is just about achieveable within the time.

It will look a bit nicer than this when finished, I promise. Well anyway. Even if it doesn't, that's what I'm making. I am now glad that I keep emergency easy projects at the office.

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