Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunshine Sweater

Right then, here's what I'm making. I'm calling it the Sunshine Sweater because its real name is just a long string of numbers. Number 486-T7-517, to be precise. It is from the Phildar Women's spring/summer collection of 2008 and that's how long the yarn has been in my stash. I think I mentioned that I wanted a non-wool yarn to knit with, and this is ideal. Phildar Sillages is 100% acrylic, a very light, loosely-woven acrylic tape, soft as a cloud. Here is the model shot of the Sunshine Sweater, from the Phildar catalogue.
__________________________... .

I am a bit unsure about sizing, having been bitten by Phildar patterns before, so I will play it carefully and keep measuring and in the meantime I'm following the pattern instructions for the largest size I can make out of the 11 balls of yarn that I have.

Here's where I'm up to, making nice quick progress on 6mm needles.

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