Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beautiful knitted objects

Look at these beautiful tea cosies. That's what I'm doing this evening. This is Carmen Miranda:

and this is Elfin:

Loani Prior is so clever. I have other things I could be doing this evening, but I am drooling over her designs. More amazing designs are on her blog.

I am also very interested in Log Cabin blankets, which are knitted or crocheted in large blocks. There's a nice one in shades of pink, wine, olive and beige in the February issue of Simply Knitting magazine.

Also on my radar: Twinkie Chan, who crochets extraordinary wearable food.

What fun! Awesome designs. A square tissue box cover that looks like a big hunk of lemon coconut cake! A hat that looks like a cupcake with blue icing. A scarf that looks like it's made from halves of pink grapefruit. This alone is a reason to learn to crochet. If I never crochet anything else, these items will be enough.

Finally, I must talk about amigurumi. Look at these creatures. A red octopus, a delightful hermit crab, and that's an angler fish you see in brown at the bottom there.

All these animals are knitted. I love their charm and their utter lack of function. Pure art.

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