Monday, December 13, 2010

Nancy Live Model Shot

Look look! My Nancy cardigan is finished. Told you it was going to be big. It is not slimming but it is SO warm and cosy! It is like having a very soft, squishy coat on. I am especially enjoying the double-thick chenille trim, it's really velvety and luxurious. I decided it did need a closure, couldn't make up my mind what kind, and then found this pewter pin with a Scottish thistle design that goes with it just perfectly. So there we have our finished garment and I am wearing it right now. I think it is going to be a favourite this winter.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nancy hits the finishing basket.

All the knitting is done. Cuffs are done. I'm now weaving in the ends, then it is time to press and sew up.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Nancy: a big purple cardigan

So, I am busily knitting on the big purple cardigan that is going to replace the orange sweater that I gave my step-dad.

Here are some details.

The pattern: Nancy, from the Rowan Ribbon Twist pattern book.

The main yarn. Yay for stash-busting! I have had 10 balls of purple Ribbon Twist in my stash for a long time, and 10 balls is how many this pattern uses. Hooray for making yarn into a sweater that you can wear instead of keeping it in a plastic bag in the hall.

The pattern for Nancy suggests a kind of loopy frilled effect on the front edge/neck border and on the cuffs. Frankly, I could not quite understand the pattern. So I took some balls of Sirdar Wow (a synthetic, velvety chenille) and held the yarn together with the Ribbon Twist for the borders. It is creating a heavy smoking-jacket effect. I had to partially unravel a chenille scarf I was making to accomplish this, but that is okay, I want a really warm, luxurious sweater and I can make a scarf out of something else.

Progress. First I knit the back. That seemed to take no time at all and made me feel very ambitious.

Then I knit the fronts. You can see the Wow yarn here and how it is working with the Ribbon Twist.

Here's how it was looking by Sunday morning. Fronts done, both sleeves done, started the cuffs.

Almost there! Finish knitting the cuffs and sew up.

I have given some thought as to how this is going to hang together. See that big safety pin in the pattern picture? There's no joining mechanism on this cardigan, even though it has a generous wrapover front and is made in heavy yarn. Other bloggers have complained about this, and one person was even threatening to send her beautifully knitted Nancy to the frog pond! I have a plan. I once knitted the famous Baby Yoda Sweater which is a wrapover, and that has i-cord ties that hold it together. One inside, keeping the underneath flap supported and in the correct place, and one on the outside, to hold the upper flap closed. Hope that works out as I want it to! More news soon.