Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's return to our knitting

Well well, I am sorry to have been gone so long. I have been experiencing some life changes, and investing some serious hours in various responsibilities. I also took up a new hobby which I'll perhaps tell you about another time. So that has taken me away from my knitting.

However. I recklessly promised a friend of mine a pair of socks, which are newly complete (kind of, it's a long story) and which I will show you a photo of next time, so knitting forced its way back into my busy schedule. I finished the socks ahead of the deadline and ever since I cast off the last stitch I've had itchy, twitchy fingers. Today I found myself reading a knitting book on the bus and fantasising about a sweater that I want to make.

So here we are. I had quite forgotten that it is supposed to be the year of finishing the UFO, and that I was making a doll sweater. What I want right now is a jumper to replace the one I'm wearing, which is utterly threadbare. It is such a simple and comfy shape. Winter cold is setting in here, and I want a jumper this shape, in a soft, cosy yarn, in a nice colour. I'm thinking cornflower blue. It's a generously-propotioned garment, so I think we're looking for a chunky yarn otherwise it'll take forever to knit. I might go and have a look in my stash now, actually.

Hooray! A new sweater is coming!

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