Sunday, November 28, 2010

Impulsive Winter Sweater Live Model Shot

Dear readers, sorry to have been away.

Here's the Impulsive Winter Sweater, complete and modelled by step-dad, its new owner. As I came near to finishing the sweater, I sort of knew it was for him. I think it looks great on him, and it is as warm as toast so hopefully it'll come in handy.

How's that for impulsive. Now I have to knit another for myself. I'll have another look in my (tidy, organised) stash. Maybe I can find something with a teeny bit more drape. I like drape.


pendie said...

Nice sweater; it sounds like you just whipped it up in no time (I'm jealous!)

Beelzebub said...

Thanks Pendie! The yarn did all the work for me, really. Big fat yarn, big needles makes for quick knitting.