Sunday, September 05, 2010

Orange Bamboo Dilemma: Finish or Frog?

This is the orange bamboo top by Phildar that I'm currently knitting. I can't decide if it's 50% done, or 0% done. I can't decide whether to frog it.

I'm very concerned about the size. I have ostensibly knitted the size for a 38" chest, according to the pattern. I had to block it to death to make it this large. I am very worried that it is too short, even though I added an extra repeat of the lace pattern on the bottom edge. I know it is wide enough to go around me, but I had to block it quite hard to make it that wide, and it is supposed to loosely drape, not stretch.

I think it will have to be frogged. I hope this yarn is okay and I haven't wrecked it. It is going to need re-knitting in the next size up. Same as Rosa. Sigh.

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