Sunday, July 18, 2010

Frill Sleeved Top & Sooper Seekrit Project #1

A few photos for you. Firstly, proof that I've finished the Frill Sleeved Top. I've sewn on the buttons, made button loops and everything. The only thing I haven't done is ironed the sleeves and commissioned a live model shot. But despite its unironed sleeves, it is entirely finished. Here it is.

I think this is a truer colour, although it does change in the light. Aren't those sleeves just so cute. Like angel wings. I also like the way the buttons are set in pairs, rather than evenly spaced. Adds a bit of interest, seems quite a 1930s touch.

My first attempt at button loops: a bit rustic, but overall not too bad. I did a kind of blanket stitch to get these; next time I might try making a crochet chain instead.

And one more look at those sleeves, which drew me to this project in the first place. I'm sure they'll look even better when ironed. They are like fish fins.

In other news, Sooper Seekrit Project #1 is coming along well. I have done a lot of knitting that I cannot show you. Also, some of the worst sewing of my entire life. What I can show you is these little items:

Bloody hell, making 3D objects with yarn is hard. The knitting is easy. But the rest of it - heck. You have to use card. Superglue. Hairspray. And you have to have better sewing skills than the family dog, which is all mine amount to. Anyway, more on that next time.

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