Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frill Sleeved Top

So, I needed something to knit on in Texas. Wool was right out, you don't want to be working with wool when the temperatures are in the mid 90s, with humidity to match. I don't, anyway. Also, where I'm from, you can't have your knitting in your hand baggage on the plane, so that meant not taking any project that I couldn't bear to lose to the airline baggage systems.

A new, low-engagement project was in order, and quickly. Knitting magazine (issue 77, June 2010) showed this little sweater by Pat Menchini on its front cover:

Reasons why this is a low-engagement project.
- It is a weird colour.
- It is VERY frilly and dainty. I honestly don't know if I'll wear it.

However, I *want* to make it. The main body is an interesting textured pattern, where you alternate two rows of moss stitch with two rows of stocking stitch. The sleeves look like great fun to knit: I love their shapes and the way they hang. I very much want to make a nice example of this garment, this project will be entirely about the process. So I ordered the exact yarn specified (King Cole Bamboo Cotton: 50% bamboo/50% cotton, in Lime Green, knit 22sts/10cm) and set to work. I am making it to fit size 38", as this is the magnificent girth I have recently achieved.

The bamboo/cotton yarn is soft and cool to knit with, just as I'd hoped, and the textured pattern helps the rows fly by. Here's where we are up to:

I'm knitting on this quite assiduously, hoping it will be a quick one because of the short sleeves. It is terrific fun.

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