Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wool jumpers, just in time for summer!

There has been sudden knitting progress. I eventually found the rest of the pink yarn for my Central Park Hoodie, and set to work. Astonishingly, I have finished all the knitting, except for the button bands. I have done the back, both fronts, both sleeves and the hood. It is in a warm bath right now, awaiting blocking. I am full of trepidation. Here's why.

This is a heavily cabled pattern, and that means the freshly-knitted fabric that comes off your needles pulls in a lot. It looks impossibly narrow. It is super-difficult to believe that the fronts are going to cover your boobs, and that the sleeves are not going to cut off the blood supply in your arms. But the fabric is stretchy. So when you flatten out your knitted pieces, the size can be whatever you want. So this is a bit disconcerting for the average knitter. The size the cabled fabric wants to be just seems impossibly small.

Anyway, the CPH is an immensely popular pattern, so I knit on. As I came close to finishing the hood last night, I had a read of the Central Park Hoodie group's forums on Ravelry. Crikey. People were worried about size. It is just impossible to tell how many people had some sort of problem, compared to how many people followed the pattern and had it turn out fine (of which there are a lot).

- Some people said they knit the body and it came out 4" smaller than the schematic predicted. This, I am not too worried about. The back is fine. It easily measures 18", and I am trying to achieve a 36" circumference with zero ease, so that's okay. The fronts do scare me, they are about the width of pencils, or so it appears in their unblocked state. So we will pin it out wet and see.

- Some people said their body was okay but their sleeves turned out too tight and had to be re-knit in the next size up. Relatedly, some people complained that the sleeve caps are too small for the armholes, resulting in tight sleeves. But did they block? People never tell you this stuff. I am a bit concerned about the sleeves now I've read all this, so I'm blocking the sleeves too.

I will let you know how we get on.

In other news, I have completed the entire front piece of my Rosa sweater, which is a clingy, sexy little number in 4ply. Next to the CPH, it looks tiny, and now I am disturbed about that too, even though the tape measure says it will be okay. Wish me luck. Photos next time.

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