Sunday, August 09, 2009

Baby Knitting

As you know, dear readers, over the last year I have played a very great deal of World of Warcraft. I warcrafted my way through April and May, and then June saw the release of the magnificent Sims 3, to which I instantly transferred my allegiance. Although I do miss Azeroth terribly, and wish I had time for both.

The great thing about Sims 3, for me, is that we only have it installed on one machine here, so when that machine is in use by someone else, I get some knitting done. Which can only be a good thing, because there are a lot of new babies around in 2009.

Here's the giraffe blanket I'm making for Lizzy's baby. Cute, isn't it? You embroider the legs and tails on separately. It's made of six rows of blocks (knit all together in one piece, as you can see) and I've nearly completed the fourth row, so that is coming along all right really. Liz's baby isn't due until September so no need to panic on this one just yet.

Two other babies on Beelzebub's radar go by the names of Elwood and Ethan. The former arrived the other day in Birmingham, England, the latter is due any time now in Alabama. I needed a cute, easy, boy baby pattern in a hurry, so when I was at the yarn shop the other day, I picked up this one by Sirdar: The yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK. The pattern specifies three balls for a newborn size cardi, so I got four to be safe. Four in each shade, that is, since I'm making this twice. The green one is coming along splendidly as you can see, I finished the sleeves last night.

And now I'm doing the ribbing for the sleeves on the white version, because it is a great way to avoid sewing in ends, blocking and finishing the green one.

So the plan is, finish these two boy cardis as swiftly as I can, send them off, then get back to work on the giraffe blanket. And THEN get back to work on poor Josef's red sweater, which is now officially a UFO and still in need of a hood.

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Aberdonian said...

You can knit me a girafe blanket anytime! I'm a sucker for giraffes!