Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking stock

The weather is cold, dark and snowy. My central heating system has broken and we have no hot water. Work is - work. Together, these things slow down my knitting mojo. All I want to do is put on an extra jumper, drink gallons of hot tea and play World of Warcraft, where it is never cold and you don't even have to concentrate.

I'd like to start knitting again now, so maybe taking stock of my projects will do the trick.

Regia Kaffe Fassett socks

They're done. I'm wearing them. Remember I was saying they needed blocking because they were a wee bit tight? I stretched them over a pair of small sock blockers and then I just hung them on a nail on the wall near my desk, and forgot them. I didn't get them wet. They just sat there, waiting to be blocked and looking decorative. Then, the other day, I was sat at my desk with cold feet, wishing for a clean, warm pair of socks, and there they were. I put them on and they fit perfectly and were warm as toast. Job done. No blocking required.

Sven's Noro Scarf II

As you'll remember, this was looking way too short, and I was relying on blocking to help me out. So, I blocked it nearly to death and it did grow a considerable amount. Enough to look like a normal scarf. Sven reassured me that it was ample - until he put it on. It's more of a neckwarmer than a scarf, really. I let him wear it like that for a few days, and then I went to John Lewis to get another ball of Noro. It needs a few inches on each end. Needless to say, I haven't started this amendment and it will probably be summer by the time I get round to it.

Joe's Edan Sweater

I haven't touched it. I haven't even weaved in any ends. I think I am afraid to pick it up because it is the Eternal Sweater, and handling it will just make the project expand until it once again outstrips my ability.

Fading Friendship Travelling Socks

I am ashamed to say I'm not even sure where these are. Lately, I've been reading instead of knitting on public transport. I need to get going on these again.

Bleh. This blog ought to be titled 'Beelzebub is too lazy to knit'. I think I need to pick up something easy, like a sock, and knit on that until I am back in the habit again, then tackle the sweater. Also, it wouldn't kill me to weave in some ends.

I know my knitting energy will come back, because I am still lusting after hand knit items. I want them, and I want to make them. Have you seen the Rowan book that supports their new Milk Cotton yarn? I have next to no interest in the technical aspects of the yarn itself, but I very much like these colours and I can't resist a bit of complicated Fair Isle or intarsia. Because I love weaving in ends so much. Oh yeah, that's me.

Nice. That blue is scrumptious, and the big, abstract rose shapes are great. I might have to set a rule for myself that Joe must be wearing his finished Edan sweater before buying any more yarn.


lara griffiths said...

i nominated you for the kreativ blogger award!

K @ Tidewater Knits said...

Maybe the lack of mojo is just a post-holiday knitting schlump that waited until February to hit.

Just picking up something mindless and working on it while you do something else might get you back into the mood.