Sunday, November 02, 2008

Grandiflora on pins

OK, so here are some photos.
I warned you it was large. It is too big for me to get the whole thing in shot.

I had to make a temporary, very precarious blocking board out of: some large, flat pieces of hardboard balanced on top of the sofa, also part of an old door. On top of this I unfurled some cardboard boxes, to increase the surface area and provide something to stick the pins in. I am sure Grandiflora would have grown to larger than 10 foot if I'd had the room.

You'll also detect an interesting assortment of pins there. First I used glass-headed dressmakers pins, like you're supposed to. Then I ran out and used safety pins. Then I ran out of those and used drawing pins. After that I used unfolded paperclips. Then I found another box of pins and used all those.

Here's a close up of the lace, which opened out beautifully.

It's drying pretty fast, which is good, cos it means we'll soon have the living room back. I'd better make some tassels to go on the ends.

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Anonymous said...

... I can't even imagine the amount of pins that must have taken.

The lace looks beautiful, though. Hope the blocking board holds until it's dry. =D