Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now with photos

I've been working and travelling a great deal over the last few weeks. This has not been good for either blogging or video gaming. However, the travelling part has provided a fairly friendly climate for actual knitting, for a change, with the result that I've made amazing progress on the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Baby Jacket I'm making for Clara (from the book Special Knits).

As you can see, we're almost done. That's the pink All Seasons Cotton I'm using. The jacket is knit in one piece: you start by knitting the back piece, from the bottom up (at the top of this picture). Then you widen for the sleeves, and cast off some stitches in the middle to divide for the neck. Then you knit the two front pieces, down to the bottom edge. Finally, you go round and pick up about eight million stitches more than you think you need to, to make the ribbed edging. That's the part I'm doing now. A few more rows of ribbing and we'll be ready to cast off and sew it up. I believe and hope that collar is going to look beautiful when the jacket is finally assembled. If you're thinking of making one, the Debbie Bliss pattern is a breeze to knit. A good travelling project, despite being larger than socks.

The Baby Yoda Sweater(see Ravelry.com for details) I'm making for Stuart's baby is underway, although there's a lot to do. This is the beginning of the back. It's All Seasons Cotton again, in yellow/orange. Nice and summery, and unisex without being that ubiquitous new-baby pale lemon.

The Grandiflora Shawl is making progress, just so you know. There is a long way to go, but it is moving. I have little experience with lace, but I am now experiencing, at a deeply personal level, the truism that lace looks like crap while it is still on the needles. It requires a near-religious faith in blocking just to persevere with it.

Evidence that the Edan sweater lives on. This is the back. Josef is patiently waiting.

Finally, the latest travelling socks, in very nice Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett yarn. It's a shame the sun was not shining on my camera today, but still, Yum.

And that's all today's knitting news. Suppose I'd better go and wash up or something.


Anonymous said...

It requires a near-religious faith in blocking just to persevere with it.

Oh, it does. I used to frog so many lace things because they looked like crap on the needles, until I discovered that blocking really does make seventeen worlds of difference.

Anonymous said...

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