Sunday, April 13, 2008


Good morning, knitters. Here is the news.

There was a family dinner last weekend, which provided opportunities for me to offload my recently-finished objects. Sis looks adorable in her pink hat. I handed over Ed's Irish Hiking Scarf to Mom to take home for him. People oohed and aahed appropriately over the yummy Rowan Cocoon yarn and fat, squishy cables. Mom got the Tiger Eye socks, by way of an interim birthday present. An interim birthday present is what you give someone when it actually is their birthday but you have failed to knit the large, ambitious item you had in mind. She was pleased with the socks, by the way, and they should fit her perfectly because she has narrow feet, like me. However, this does not absolve me from knitting the Real birthday present, which I am re-starting now.

Grandiflora is a shawl, made in RYC Soft Lux.

I can't see myself ever wearing a shawl, but I like knitting them and this one is going to be perfect for Mom. I last attempted to knit Grandiflora about a year ago, prior to her last birthday (and just as the RYC Soft Lux yarn was being discontinued). I knit up a goodly amount before I realised that I had severe gauge issues. Basically, the first panel you knit is some moderately complicated lace, and in my earnestness, I made it far too tight. It was noticeably the case that on the later panels, once I'd learned the pattern, my knitting tension had relaxed. I had to rip out the whole thing, missed Mom's birthday, and the whole project went off the agenda from that day to this. Well, it is time to get Grandiflora up and running again. I have no excuse now that the socks, hat and scarf are all done. I'll cast on today and let you know how it goes.
Various notes:
  • I'm using 4.5mm needles, in bamboo. Last time I tried to use an Addi turbo chrome circular, and it was hell. Way too slippery. We'll see if bamboo is easier this time. Soft Lux is 100% wool, if you don't count the metallic thread.
  • The Grandiflora pattern is in the RYC book 'Classic Woman', published to support the Soft Lux yarn.
  • Joe's red sweater is coming along. It will have to compete with Grandiflora, but should benefit considerably from the recent FOs having left the house. I've done both sleeves and a respectable chunk of the back.
  • I frogged the Mirasol sock, the fabric was thick and horrible. I like to learn the hard way about the rules of yarn and needle gauge compatibility.
  • I have got a new travelling sock on the go, I'll show pics when I've done more.

Until next time, happy knitting.