Sunday, March 09, 2008

The week in pictures

OK, so I finally got the camera out. Here is the news in pictures.

The Tiger Eye socks progressed well despite the laziness of their owner.

Check out this fabric I got from Liberty. Turquoise green with fancy cupcakes printed all over it. I love this fabric and I have to learn to sew just so I can use it.

What it will eventually become, I've no idea, but I adore it. It reminds me of the work of Wayne Thiebaud, one of my very, very favourite artists.

I love a man who can make a serious point using confectionery.

The Irish Hiking Scarf refused to be photographed nicely but you get the idea.

Is it a sin not to block? This scarf feels great, the cables are springy and I'm considering not blocking it and just giving to Ed as it is, before the summer comes.

The giant pompom dominates the living room.

The only fitting purpose for a pompom this heavy (do try this at home, is great fun).

The back of Joe's Edan sweater is growing, slowly.

It's less than a month until my mother's Big Birthday and I'm thinking I might have to give her something non-knitted. Wait, maybe I could give her the big pompom! Whaddya think?


Fiona said...

Lovely stuff. Love those socks.

What do you have in mind for that lovely material? I joined a soft furnishings class in September. I picked up a sewing machine from Aldi for £45 and I've discovered a real love for making things. So far I've made two cushions and a Roman Blind for my bedroom; another Roman Blind for the loo and I'll be starting some curtains next week. I never imagined I'd be making this stuff.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Love the scarf.

Love the pompom.

Love the pompom usage picture - made me chortle into my coffee - very messy!

Anonymous said...

LOL--the pompom is fabulous.

Also! Great fabric, too.

It's totally not a sin to not block, especially where sproingy cables are concerned. If you really can't bear to block it out and lose the sproing, you could always wash it, block it out, then unpin it when still damp to let the cables & rib pull back in again.