Sunday, March 02, 2008

Return from Azeroth

I do hope you'll excuse my recent absence. I have just returned from Azeroth ( where I was delayed for several weeks, slaying ferocious animals, all kinds of mystical creatures, and lots of pesky humans. For those who care, my Undead Fury warrior Lucero is now level 44, complete with horse and a nearly-matching set of plate armour. For the Horde!

Twisted Stitches is a European Ravelry guild, and we are recruiting. Come and join us!

Now that my bloodlust has slightly abated, I've once again picked up the knitting needles and it is time to get all my projects, and this blog, back on track,. So let's begin with a knitting round-up. Photos will be forthcoming this week.

Pink Bobble Hat
This is 99% done and it's looking great. All it needs is the pompom. I have actually attempted to make the pompom once, I devoted the best part of an evening to it. I didn't exactly screw it up, it's a fine pompom in its own right. It's just that I overshot the mark. I made a pompom, of thick Rowan Big Wool, so large and heavy that it should be registered somewhere as a dangerous weapon. It is a lot of fun to swing around the room like a mace but it would not be fun attached to the top of one's hat, so I have to make another. And then the hat is done.

Ed's Irish Hiking Scarf
I've finished knitting, sewn in the ends and it just needs blocking, then we're good to go.
Joe's Red Edan Sweater
Joe has been so cross with me these last few weeks because I've been online Warcrafting instead of knitting his sweater. He should be cheered to learn that I've finished both sleeves and I've started the back. It has not progressed much, but it has not stood still either.

Tiger Eye Socks
I've just finished Sock 1. The toe is a bit messy due to dropping & recovering a stitch in the dark but I don't mind because the blessed sock got me through a very trying evening at the National Theatre* the other night. Ann, if you read this, I am so, so sorry I wasn't more positive about it. It actually was great to see all of you and have dinner together, thank you for a lovely evening. Sorry if I seemed a bit stressed.
*The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other: may cause irritation.

I also put an extra stitch in the shoulder of the recently-completed yellow Basil sweater, which means it's now wearable and might make an appearance at the office this week. I think that's about all the knitting news. I haven't touched the Central Park Hoodie or Green Silk Happiness, or any other socks, I can't let anything else interfere with Joe's Edan sweater now.

I'll blog regularly again now I'm back. Hope you were all OK without me ;)

Until next time, B.


stash haus said...

Glad to see you back! Looking forward to the pictures of the knitting.

And how the hell did you manage to pick up stitched in a dark theatre?

Anonymous said...

I have a mental image of someone swinging a completely massive pompom around the room now. Ha.