Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My knitting mojo has been slow lately, very slow, so it comes as a surprise to me that I finally have some Finished Objects to report. At last, something to put in the 'Completed in 2008' list.

First, my sister's pink hat, now with an appropriately-sized pompom. 'Scuse the slightly blurry picture (it was 8am). I am actually very pleased with how this hat turned out, because she wanted a copy of a hat she already has that's nearing the end of its life. So I had a look at her current hat, measured it, and then worked out the pattern for this one under my own steam. It looks great on, a slouchy beret shape. I'm seeing her in a couple of weeks so she'll get it soon.

Next up, the Tiger Eye socks are finally done. Please note that they match, and that this is a happy accident. I have never tried to make a pair of self-striping socks identical. It doesn't seem worth the time and aggravation, and I like the unique personalities of fraternal socks. This pair came out identical quite by chance, and I have to say, I do find them appealing. I won't be attempting to match on purpose in the future (that way, certain frustration lies) but it is pleasing to know that sometimes a pair of matching socks can happen by chance.

Ed's Irish Hiking Scarf has been sitting around the living room for weeks wondering whether or not it was going to get blocked. It did. I couldn't bear not to. I've only put pins in the ends to neaten the edges, other than that I just gently prodded it into shape and left it to dry.

So there you go, it feels like a breakthrough to have something finished. Maybe there's hope for Joe's red sweater after all.

PS: I cast on new socks using that blue Mirasol Hacho yarn I was telling you about last time.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great when socks match themselves?

Lovely knits. *pets them* I love the look of cables in grey.

Fiona said...

This lot look lovely. It's a happy surprise when the socks accidently match. I agree - the way of deliberate matching is definitely where madness lies.