Monday, January 21, 2008

Sudden Gifts


How did this happen?

I was all set for a well-organised New Year and then my knitting went completely off the rails. I started three unplanned, needless & illegitimate pairs of socks. Then I got going on Joe's red Edan jumper, of which I've still only completed one-and-a-half sleeves. This is despite not having finished either Green Silk Happiness or my Central Park Hoodie. Then I took on some gift knitting, post-Christmas. This would be due to not having bought any gifts, cards or indeed anything at all that was Xmas-related during the season itself. So now I have some catching up to do. I'm about 35% through making an Irish Hiking Scarf for Ed, using Rowan Cocoon (80% merino, 20% kid mohair). Here's the yarn:

and here's how the IHS is supposed to look when it's finished:

It's a lot of fun to knit, very simple. You don't need to count the rows, just put in a cable twist on every fourth knit row, which you can do by sight. The yarn is luxurious, I've never seen such lustre on natural fibre. It positively glistens. I owe Ed a particularly nice scarf due to having made him a slightly tasteless hat last year. This was not on purpose, although I am capable of doing such things.

I also need to make a hat for Liz. She knows exactly what she wants and I have a pattern that I think will do the trick. The yarn is going to be Rowan Big Wool, in pink.

I haven't started it yet but I need to, before spring comes.
As if that were not enough I've realised that it's now only about 8 weeks until my mother celebrates a major birthday and she's going to expect something special made out of wool. I wasn't lying when I said to her on the phone the other day that I have projects right here in my yarn room with her name on. It is just that they currently exist as balls of yarn rather than actual knitted objects, and they are all large and difficult. Eight weeks of work, easily, even if I didn't knit anything else.

Oh, and did I mention that my dad is inconsiderately having a Major Birthday in the same week as mum?

Curses, curses.

I don't know where to start. Someone come over and help me.


Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Oh - good scarf! I'll have to look that one up....I have some cocoon in my stash.....

Anonymous said...

OKAY! If I start swimming now, I can be there to help you in six years or so. Seven at the most.