Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting Resolutions 2008

Readers, I am already thinking about New Year Resolutions, since 2007 is about to expire. Last year I had no Knitting Resolutions because I just hadn’t been a serious Knitter long enough to aspire to anything apart from ‘stash!’ and ‘knit more’. However, this year, after 12 months of near-continous stashing, knitting, planning & project queueing, I am not short of things that need to be Resolved. Here they are.
  • Finish Green Silk Happiness (StitchDiva Simple Knitted Bodice), which has to be started from scratch for the third time because I just can’t get the sizing right. I seem to be permanently under the impression that I am 4 sizes larger than I really am. I am not going to let this garment beat me though, and I have the idea that when I finally get it right I’m going to know all I’ll ever need to know about how to make a top-down, raglan sweater that fits me.
  • Prioritise and think more carefully about what’s in my queue before starting a new project. I have dozens of patterns that I want to knit, and the yarn to knit them with. As we all know, it takes only a minute to impulsively choose and cast on for a new project, and about half a lifetime to finish it. Which means that often I spend ages knitting things which I like but are not actually top of my wish list, while other queued projects, which I really want to knit, get left sitting in the queue for months on end. So, in 2008, before starting something new, I’m going to think harder about what I most want to make next.
  • Cut right back on the yarn stashing, do as many stash-busting projects as possible and only buy new yarn if I really need it for some designated project. Do not buy carrier bags full of yarn just because it is on sale. In fact, do not go to yarn sales. The one exception I will make is the annual Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. That was the one, solitary occasion this year when I felt like I had not bought enough yarn – I will certainly correct that error next year!
  • Actually use some of the new information that has come my way this year. Eg, thanks to and Lucy Neatby’s utterly wonderful series of DVDs, I am now surrounded by visual resources that will teach me to knit Continental style, cast off more efficiently and do three-needle bind-offs – if only I paid attention. So this coming year, I hereby resolve to look up and use the resources around me, rather than just sticking with the familiar old techniques that I already know.
  • Do something about the Beelzebub Knits knitwear collection, which right now has barely progressed past the illustration stage. I have very nice drawings of 9 sweaters and they just need me to dedicate some proper time to them so that I write up functioning patterns and knit a sample garment for each.
  • Find a suitable use for the 2 kilos of pink and orange acrylic that my darling son thoughtfully bought for me last birthday. I don’t want him to get discouraged and stop buying me yarn! Make said project before my next birthday rolls around in August, to encourage him & keep him from wondering if I don’t really like yarn after all. Also, ahead of next birthday, give the poor boy some tips about what knitters like to knit with (as opposed to what LYSs like to sell).
OK, I had better stop there, otherwise I’ll get totally overwhelmed and do none of them. How about you? What do you hope for from your knitting in 2008?


Aberdonian said...

Those are really good resolutions. I particularly like the working on your knit collection one. ;) If you need someone to help you test knit something, I'm your knitter!

I'll make some resolutions myself too. You've inspired me.

stash haus said...

Just before I read this blog entry I was thinking about possible knitting resolutions! Great minds...

I like the resolution about the stash - I need to use more from it and add less to it this next year. And I really want to devote some time to learning new skills. I have Lucy Neatby's sock techniques DVDs. I want to watch those and learn.

Cinders said...

Thanks for leaving your comment on my was very helpful.
I'm aiming in 2008 to use up all the yarn I bought for specific projects before I buy any more yarn.
Good luck with your designer business. I really hope it gets off the ground.

Viknits said...

Thanks for your comment too! :) I like your resolutions, particularly the design collection one, I can't wait to see them!
Have a great Christmas yourself :) Vik xx

Kay said...

Great resolutions. I'm particularly with you on the one about using new information and techniques--it can only make our knitting better, to expand our knowledge and put it to use.

ContinentalCat said...

Very good resolutions - the bodice is high on my list as well, and I'd love to see how you get on.