Friday, December 14, 2007

Joy! Knitpicks Harmony Needles

I am at work on an average Friday morning (average meaning both busy and somewhat stressful). But this particular Friday morning I am breathless with joy because an exciting and long-awaited parcel has just arrived at my office. I'm now the proud owner of some of these:

Here's a close-up of the tips:

And I have the DPN set too!

They are, of course, the indescribably beautiful Knitpicks Harmony needles, which have just become available in the UK and were ordered from that much-loved British retailer Get Knitted.
I believe this might be the solution to the inertia I've been feeling lately regarding my Green Silk Happiness (StitchDiva Simple Knitted Bodice). I had kind of lost faith in it a bit but I'm hoping these gorgeous new Options needles will give it a kick up the bum. Now I can't wait for home time so I can go play with my new sticks!


Aberdonian said...

Ooh, that's lovely! Are they wood? I have the normal set of DPNs and absolutely love them!

stash haus said...

They are gorgeous, aren't they? I've been thinking of purchasing them. I hope you'll give us a review of them after you've had a chance to use them for awhile.

Cinders said...

You must let me know what you think of them? the jury's out at my end. I found the needles kept unscrewing from the wires and the small needles hurt my hands. I'm keeping mine for lace knitting.

Judy said...

I have the KnitPicks Options set and absolutely love them. I am sorry to say that the quality of the Harmony set I have is not up to the same standard. Several of the wood needles are loose in their fittings. Some of them won't screw onto a cable. I will be returning some of them. I do love the look of them and wood is great for some yarns. I hope you have better success with your set.

Julia said...

I love the wood the Harmony needles are made of, but so far, I've had one of the interchangeable tips that wouldn't screw down all the way (they exchanged it, no charge) and today, one with stripped threads. Also, I own the 16" fixed Harmony circs and so far, I've had two come unglued. I think they need to go back to the old drawing board before selling these.