Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blocking Report

Dudes, I am having a lousy weekend. I am ploughing my way through mountains of work here, while attempting to fight off a headache (not that easy when you are glued to your computer screen). Because I am tied to my desk, I am actually surprised how much blocking I managed to get done yesterday. Here's a progress report.

Perugino II
Is finally blocked. This is the sort of thing you can easily do in between video editing. Capture video, put in a few pins. Save the file for processing, put in a few pins. Render the finished movie, spritz with water. In reality, it took a much longer time than I'm implying, but hey, I managed to fit it in around work so who's complaining?

Basil is blocked too. Having put in something like 14 hours' work yesterday, I did not bother pulling out the ironing board. I just immersed Basil in water and put in a few pins at the same time as editing the video, same as Perugino. I do feel I've wimped out a bit there and will definitely try the pressing method next time. Anyway, it's blocked, and as soon as it's dry I'll sew it up.

The Central Park Hoodie is not behaving itself and is in the naughty corner. To look at the back, you'd think I'd made quite a lot of progress.

Unfortunately, this photo doesn't reveal that fact that when I looked at what I'd accomplished, I discovered no fewer than four mistakes. Mostly pairs of purl stitches put in where knit stitches should have been instead. Initially, I was not daunted. I thought I knew the solution. In each place where I'd made a mistake, I dropped those stitches, let them run back to the mistake, and then picked them up again with a crochet hook. Sounds perfectly sensible, right? Unfortunately, in doing that, I seem to have totally wrecked my gauge and I don't know if any amount of blocking is going to fix it. So it is in the naughty corner until I've worked out what to do about it.
Finally, Green Silk Happiness, aka the Simple Knitted Bodice. This one is in the doldrums too, and I don't know which to rescue first, this or the CPH. Basically, I think I've knitted it too loose. Yes, again. I think it needs to come down one more size, especially with all I've been reading lately about how silk garments 'grow' with wear. I keep looking at the pics of other people's successful SKBs (and some less successful ones too) and I can see that if you get it right it's the sexiest little top ever, but if you get it even a fraction too large, it looks like a sack. So I don't know what to do. I might have to completely restart it in the smallest size. This isn't a very cheering thought, especially as I think silk doesn't really like being frogged, especially the sequinned stuff.
So there you are, that leaves me wondering what to knit next! Perugino II and Basil are all wet and my socks are strictly for travelling, so I have to choose between the pink hoodie and the green silk top, neither of which are behaving themselves. Maybe I'll just do some work for a while and think on it.
PS, in answer to a couple of recent comments:
  • Kay, thanks for your compliments on the rose needles and stitch markers. They are from Knitz & Glitz here in the UK. The yarn is indeed Rowan Soft Lux.
  • I can't remember who was asking me about Summer Tweed (Basil). I'm liking Summer Tweed. It sure is an unusual texture and feels a bit like string when you have it OTN. Which is actually good for knitting without looking, I find, because the stitches are so easy to feel. I was a tad concerned about wearability so I sloshed a good bit of hair conditioner in the blocking water. I'll let you know how it feels when it's dry, but I'm hoping for soft results. It worked on my Noro scarf, after all.
  • Susan, I have no idea what I'm going to do with 8.5 kilos of mostly vintage acrylic. If you have any suggestions ....

Until next time, folks.


Cinders said...

Love the perugino throw.I hate blocking. I do it then one of the cats insists on siting on it, wet and with pins!!
The yarn for the CPH looks like its got glitter in it? Do you get Knitting Daily e-mail? theres loads of talk about the CPH on there right now.

Kay said...

Ohhh look at that throw. It's just gorgeous.

It was me who asked about the Summer Tweed. It feels so unusual in the ball, so I'll definitely be interested in knowing what it's like when it's dry.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

8.5 kilos of acrylic?....

I would say a bonfire but you'd end up with a molten acrylic lake!!

Seriously - if it's not a fibre you'll want to wear (assuming not)the only option is some kinda blanket - log cabin or granny squares maybe?? After the lovely Perugino I can't see that appealing to you...

I dealt with my ancient acrylic stash by giving it to a friend's daughter's playgroup - a couple of hours and a hoard of 5 years olds making pom-poms finished it off nicely :-)

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Ohh - that's given me an idea - I saw a lovely bag - straw basket type thing, completely covered in looked super....