Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Blocking Avoidance

OK, I admit it, I am avoiding blocking. I have not blocked Basil and I have not blocked Perugino II. I've thought deeply about why, and its relationship to my avoidance of the iron, but since Perugino II requires no ironing, I am obliged to put it down to a bad case of Can't Be Arsed. Bending over things with pins, for hours. It's all too much work. I'll do it at the weekend, I promise.

I avoided mentioning it up to now because you guys are giving me helpful support and advice about blocking and I am listening and I am going to use it. I didn't want you to think I was taking no notice. But it's now Tuesday and I can't go on pretending I spent the weekend blocking when I really didn't. So let me tell you what I've been doing instead.

Perugino II

I didn't block, but in my defence I did make all 23 tassels. Here they are, strung to the ever-versatile Knitting Tree.

Next, I set to work on the Central Park Hoodie, in Barbie pink. The campest hoodie ever. I've made both sleeves now, and what you see here is the ribbing at the start of the back.

Pink Lana Grossa Socks

I could exist no longer without a travelling sock. It was killing me. I found myself stalking my sock yarn. NOvember has been wonderful for kick-starting my various WIPs but while working on all those projects I've been without socks for a month now and I NEED some. So I cast on these, which will be plain vanilla socks strictly for knitting when travelling.


ContinentalCat said...

I love the campy Barbie pink! Great idea.

As for blocking, well, it's strange, but with some projects I couldn't wait to start blocking, whereas with others I kept putting it off, especially with Really Big Things. It happens sometimes.

Must be good to have a travelling sock again, and those colours look gorgeous.

Viknits said...

I totally love the pink socks! As for blocking.. well.. I always do it straight away because I want to get it over with and see the finished article asap, but I do actually hate all the pinning out!

Anonymous said...

Those rose-tipped needles and stitch markers are just beautiful! And is that Rowan Soft Lux you're using?