Monday, November 12, 2007

Why are you here? Update

Everyone, thank you again for your thoughtful and caring comments in reply to Why are you here?

It was nearly impossible to pick out the winner as you were all so helpful! I've learned something from everyone. After deep thought and consideration, I'm going to say: ContinentalCat please email me your name and address to beelzebubknits AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk, so I can send you some sock yarn. Your comments about doing the blog round on Ravelry were something I hadn't anticipated and wouldn't have figured out without your help. Thank you.

And by the way, dear readers, there'll be more opportunities to win stuff in the future, so do watch this space.

I love you all.


1 comment:

ContinentalCat said...

O wow, that's me! I haven't had the time lately to check all the friends' blogs, so this is quite a surprise.

E-mail on the way....