Monday, November 05, 2007

OK, let's design a sweater

Thank you so much for your comments in reply to Why are you here? I'm going to leave the question open for a bit longer, so iif you've yet to speak up, let it roll.

In the meantime, I hear you. We like design, so without further ado, let's design something. I should acknowledge that this might not be the absolute best time to start designing a sweater as I have just necked a large glass of wine and it's really kicking in - but we shall not let that hold us back. I'll have what Jackson Pollock's having.

The two main contenders from my recent design-fest are these:

The red/pink one is a wrapover, so the main decision there is what to do about the wrapover bit at the front. I could:
  1. join the red and pink pieces of fabric at the side seam, which would be relatively simple but result in a double layer of material over the abdomen - not that flattering Or,
  2. join the red and pink pieces of fabric at the point where they meet, so that they merely appear to cross over but in fact form a single layer of fabric. More flattering, harder to design.

The other sweater, the red/yellow one, is more of a challenge because of those two circular shapes that will form the bolero part. I'm deliberately not looking at the pattern for Myrna by White Lies to see how they do it. I'll figure out the best way on my own.

Hmm, it looks like we might be starting with the red/pink one, doesn't it.

I'd really prefer to have it all as a single layer of fabric if I can so that means I'll need to draw a schematic to work out what shape the front pieces need to be. I know! Let's design the back and the sleeves first and do the difficult bit last.

The yarn: I'm thinking something like Rowan 4-ply Cotton, although I could be tempted into a cotton/synthetic blend. Four-ply because it will yield a finer, drapier fabric than DK. Cotton because of the sharp colours, the crisp stitch definition and the relatively easy care. 28sts and 38 rows to 10cm.

The outline of the sweater is fairly simple, if you look at it from the back, it's a round-neck sweater with set-in sleeves. I want it close-fitting around the bust so I'm going to design this with precisely zero ease (especially because it's cotton, no spring or memory in the fabric and we can't have it going all saggy). I'm going to design the sample size for a 36" bust (no prizes for guessing why). Here are some initial plans for the garment. I'm thinking nice and long, tunic length.

And that's all for tonight, I am too wazzed for any more sums. Let's talk again on Wednesday.


ContinentalCat said...

I'd love to see how this design will grow - a double layer would indeed not be the most flattering shape for a lot of us, but I can see the difficulty in using a single one... Am very interested in how you will solve this.

And I like seeing the maths; it's very easy to design something for yourself and try-as-you-go, but of course that doesn't work when it comes to designing a pattern in different sizes.

And it was all very clear, despite the wine ;-)

Aberdonian said...

I love seeing your designs in progress. It's really inspirational.

Moggle said...

I think the positive of the ability to adjust the fit with ties etc would outweigh the negative of a double layer of fabric. I always have a harder time getting one-piece wraps to fit me nicely.

Just my thoughts :-) Can't wait to see whichever pattern you come up with.