Friday, November 30, 2007

Basil Sweater Off-TN

Oh joy! Less than a week after completing the knitting on Perugino II, Basil has followed it into the Finishing Basket. We now have four even-looking pieces of sweater waiting to be blocked and stitched together.

That was amazingly quick, or at least it seems that way in retrospect, now it's definitively off the needles.

Know what else is exciting? I have this thing about not letting more than three items pile up in the Finishing Basket, so that means there will be no knitting at all to be done this weekend. Not a stitch of knitting until all three waiting projects (Basil, Perugino II, Rainbow Socks) are pinned out wet and Perugino's tassels are made.

We have NOvember to thank for all this progress. I am definitely keeping it up next month.

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