Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why are you here?

This evening I learned of the existence of Avinash Kaushik. He's a super-successful blogger. He's had a blog for only 15 months, yet it gets 39,000 visits a month, he's already published a book based on the blog, and now he's doing paid public appearances to talk about the book.

Must be a really gripping subject he's discussing, right? Well, it is 'web analytics' and that basically means measuring the traffic on your website.

You might think that considering the number of clicks on your website or blog, and making graphs and statistics out of them is a bit boring, and Avinash might agree. He's insistent that if a website or blog is going to hold any lasting value, it has to know what purpose it serves for its visitors. It has to know why people visit, and if they got what they wanted - so better ask them.

So, here is my question to you, right now. Why are you here? What brought you to Beelzebub Knits today, and did you get what you came for?

A prize ball of yummy sock yarn goes to the writer of the comment that will most help improve BK.

The blog of Avinash Kaushik is here.


Aberdonian said...

I first came to BK as we were knitting along to the Phildar jumper. Since then I regularly visit to see the next installment. I like your writing style and you put enough pictures up to satisfy me. Nice balance of writing/picture ratio. I'd like to hear about the designs you made for the design course. Did they get any further than just project stage?

ContinentalCat said...

Ravelry makes it very easy to make a 'blog round' of people in my friends tab, and I click on the titles that sound interesting. 'Why are you here?' is, of course, an age old question that I just couldn't ignore.

I like to visit your blog because you are working on interesting projects (the Bodice!) and of course I like to keep track of how the design progress is coming along.

And finally, it's always nice to see a fellow 'career girl' being creative. I've found that many people have a certain image of women who have their own company, big or small, and somehow knitting doesn't fit the image.

Fiona said...

I came because I like the title. I was expecting to find some funny and amusing anecdotes about knitting. By and large, that's what I find. I like reading blogs that include progress reports, plans for next projects, new yarns and musings about knitting. I like reading other blogs as it broadens my horizons about knitting - introducing me to new ideas and techniques. And I am a nosy so-and-so and am interested in other people's lives too. So, I like the snippets that intersperse the knitting yarns (sorry! couldn't resist the pun).

Bearium said...

because the title caught my eye and as Fiona says, Ravelry makes it really easy to see what you're friends are up to.

I think I'm essentially a lazy blogger but I'm always curious to see what everyone else is up too. Your sketches always look interesting and it's great to follow how you're actually translating them into patterns.

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

I visit because you have interesting and original projects but more importantly - you're not afraid to show us if it doesn't work out first time or the hard work you put in to get a good result. Much more interesting than "here's another perfect FO" every post!!!


Anonymous said...

I am here... *drumroll* BECAUSE. I like you. I like how you write. I like your knitting projects and the fact that you talk about them and blog about works-in-progress and problems along the way, instead of just presenting the FO when it's done. I think it's fantastic that you're sketching and designing garments and thinking about it in a way that a lot of us don't (i.e. beyond here's a sock, let's slap this stitch pattern on it). And yes, I may start to read a blog because of knitting, but I stay for everything else. There's a reason I don't have a bunch of 'big names' in my Blogs I Read sidebar--because I may stop by once in a while to hear crazy stories and see pretty things, but I prefer to haunt the blogs of people I care about.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have only just found your blog (though aberdonian up at the top there) and have just spent ages reading backwards!

I have added your blog to my blog-reader and look forward to new installments. I'm new to the world of knit-blogging but I have added yours because I like to see projects "in progress" - just seeing the FO doesn't do it for me, I find it much more inspring to see the blood and guts of a piece. IT makes it much more real, and also makes me feel better about my own knitting abilities.

You havea fantastic writing style and your photos are good.

Punkinhead said...

I found your blog from the SKSKAL, where I was admiring your purple socks. They're very lovely!

I love the sketches, you write interesting posts and I really love to see how other people's projects turned out, particularly if they're similar to mine. The pictures are nice! I love the red baby blanket with the animals, gorgeous! What a commitment to make that one!

You liked Charmed Knits, as do I and was hoping that you'd make and post the Quidditch sweater soon!

I like to see the updates on your projects, you knit well and you write well!

jolakey said...

I have nearly finished knitting my very first ever sock and was trawling the web looking for ideas for my next project (once I've done the second sock obviously!). I found your site and have been reading it most of the morning! It's nice to read a blog by a fellow brit - most of the ones I've found have been from the US, and it's great to pick up tips on patterns and yarns and know that I might be able to find them locally!