Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sirdar Ocean: New Plans

Yes, I know. I was only just wailing about having too many WIPs. Well that does not stop my hunger for new projects, and nor should it. I just wanted to tell you about something new I've got in mind.

Sirdar has made an unexpected appearance on my field of consciousness lately. I keep noticing this rather nice boatneck sweater that they advertise in the knitting magazines. The pattern accompanies their Ocean yarn.

Whenever I saw the ad, I was drawn to it. I really like that neckliine, and the openwork. I might do longer sleeves, but other than that I think it's perfect. Thanks to the postal strike, I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the pattern to arrive (it's been in the post for about a week now).

While I was online buying patterns, I was also drawn to this, which uses the same yarn:
Of course, patterns are no good without yarn. I found a very reasonable retailer on Ebay. Blue yarn for the boatneck sweater.

And while I was shopping for the blue yarn, a couple of other shades fell into my basket. This:

And this:

I am so excited but I am not even letting myself swatch right now. Ocean is a ladder yarn, resembling a narrow, shiny ribbon. It strongly reminds me of the sort of thing Colinette makes, but at around £3 for 50g you really can't go wrong. 62% nylon, 38% cotton.

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Fiona said...

Sirdar have some lovely yarns. I bought a stash of Peru Naturals at Ally Pally, and I was very tempted by Hug. Their more recent patterns are a lot less twinset and pearls than I remember them being.