Saturday, October 13, 2007

SEX at the palace.

Good afternoon all. If you are reading this and it is still the weekend, get thee to the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, where there are yarn retailers, knitting magazine publishers and knitting workshops & demonstrations galore. Wear comfy shoes and take a large holdall, preferably on wheels. Some people are carting wheelie suitcases round with them, and by the end of my visit yesterday, I could see why.

Of course, after attending such an important event, it is polite practice in the online knitting community to show your fellow knitters what you brought home. Before I show you the haul, I'd like to say that I was extremely restrained on the yarn buying front. No kilo-sized packs of discontinued Rowan & Jaeger, although there was plenty to be had. Not one of the giant skeins of sweater yarn, each one the size of a sweater in its own right, that bulged temptingly from Colinette's stand. I was pretty good, I thought. That said, I'll show you the booty.

Knitting Magazines

I adore knitting magazines, I love the random selection of patterns that accumulates if you collect them. I did particularly well at the stand of Knitting Magazine, where they had tons of back issues and recent issues that I'd missed. I now wonder how I got all these home on the bus.

Knitting Patterns

Because you can never have too many. First up, a heavy cardigan from Sirdar. In a more subdued colour (I'm thinking iron grey, something Shetland-y, maybe), that rib collar's going to look great.

I can't resist long coats. Sirdar surprises me sometimes, I have low expectations of their fashion sense, but then once in a while they get it perfectly.

Had to have the new Kaffe Fasset book, for the sexy colour pictures. Top-quality yarn p*rn.


This little lot came free in a goody bag, courtesy of Knitting Magazine. Two pairs of wooden needles, three balls of Elle Plume, one box of gold & silver sequins, one box of orange beads, one box of green beads & a 'love knitting' sticker.
Tiny Sock Needles

One set of tiny Brittany birch dpns (2.5mm) and one set of Sox Stix (2.75mm).
These are far too delicate and tiny to rattle around in the dpn drawer with all the big, steel needles. They'll get bullied. I decided to hang them fron the edge of a shelf instead.


OK, here's the bit you've been waiting for. First up, some Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn in Fruit Coulis. These colours are spectacular, you can taste blackcurrant and raspberry in your mouth when you look at it. That said, I have used this yarn before to make a pair of socks in the red Mardi Gras colourway. I found it totally overpowering, to be honest. The pooling and colour flashes when I knit up a plain sock were damaging my retinas. So - although you must understand that I adore the colours and texture of this luxurious sock yarn, I am going to have to choose a sock pattern carefully so as to control the flashing & pooling effect. If I make the right choice, this yarn has the potential to be amazing socks.

Next up, some Austermann Step sock yarn with jojoba and aloe vera(!). I am not sure I think the added ingredients in any way justify the premium price of this yarn but I saw a couple of finished socks using this yarn on one of the exhibition stands, and I had to have it. It's always the colour that draws me in. Probably one of these balls will become socks for Joe, and the other, a pair for Sven.

And finally, some pink cotton sock yarn from Regia and some orange and brown from Fortissima Socka. I love both these colourways and I can't wait to see how they knit up!

And that's what happened at Ally Pally.
In other news: I am soldiering on with giant project of finishing far-too-many WIPs. The red/white Arsenal socks and the rainbow socks are nearing completion. Perugino II is making reasonably good progress. There are things in the Finishing Basket shouting to have their ends weaved in. I'm not sure I know where the buttons are for Clara's Baby Surprise Jacket. I'd better get on with some of it, doncha think?


Kay said...

You were positively angelic on the yarn front!

That blue sweater pattern looks fabulous--grey would be a great colour for it. And magasines! Look at them. *ogles*

Fiona said...

Fantastic haul. I looked at the blue sweater too - I was really impressed by the Sirdar stand. Much more fashionable stuff that I usually see.

Cinders said...

Wow, Lucky you! a great haul. You were very good regarding yarn! I hope they have all this at Harrogate!!!MMMM rubbing hands in anticipation! I like the Sirdar long coat pattern. As you say, occasionally they can be surprising with a fashionable pattern