Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lost in Ravelry

So, I'm on Ravelry. I'm Beelzebub of course, should you look for me.

I am slowly finding my way around Ravelry and starting to upload stuff. It is a lovely thing but also huge and complex, like a warehouse crossed with a labyrinth.

Right now it only accepts photos uploaded from, which is fine, Flickr seems like a great service and everyone uses it. There's a problem in the sense that:

  • My yarn stash and collection of projects is vast and it'll take forever to find all the photos on my PC, catalogue them, upload them, organise them, and synchronise all this across four platforms (PC hard disk, Blogger, Flickr, Ravelry). Yowsers.
  • I can barely find my way round Ravelry and have no idea how to use the 'organise' tools.
  • I am simultaneously learning Flickr for the first time and right now I am confused about a bunch of stuff, including the difference between a 'set' and a 'group', and why my photos are all stretched.

This means my progress on uploading stuff to Ravelry is very slow and patchy (although I am determined to get it all up there eventually!). In turn, this cuts into my blogging time, which then cuts into my knitting time.

That all said, I am relieved to say there has been some progress on the knitting front. Here is the news.

As you know, I am suffering with far too many WIPs right now. Recently I was blogging about the problems caused when a multiplicity of projects leads you to forget crucial details about each one when you're not working on it. This week I've discovered a second problem: too many WIPs makes it feel like you'll never get to the end. I am sick of some these items hanging around on my WIP list when I could be pattern-browsing for new projects.

There is only one thing for it, and that is to systematically finish some items. There has been mostly good progress on finishing small items this week.


Clara's Baby Surprise Jacket

This is wet blocking. I decided to block it before sewing on the buttons. Then it is out of the Finishing Basket and off to the baby, who is probably twice its size by now.

Sven's Red/White Arsenal Socks

Done! Here they are, wet-blocking on a pair of sock blockers, hanging from the Knitting Tree (which once again demonstrates its wonderful convenience & versatility).

Blue/Green Fortissima Cotton Socks

I made these while on the road in the US earlier this year. They've been in the finishing basket for ages and I'm happy to report that they are now in use. Those are my feet, looking happy.

Imken's Angora Socks

Were awaiting wet blocking and are now sitting damply on a pair of sock blockers, hanging from the Knitting Tree, along with the red'n'white socks.

Badly Behaved Socks

These would be Ian's Rainbow Socks. Gah. I have had so many problems with the heel on Sock 2, mostly down to my own stupidity. I had to rip it out and reknit it, now I'm having problems getting it to rejoin the foot of the sock, on the back needle where the under-part of the heel joins to the sole of the foot.

In the photo below the socks are placed face down with the heel pointing towards you. The sock with the teal heel is the problem. See where it joins the purple stripe on the sole of the foot? Having reknit the heel, I grafted the stitches together with the live stitches from the purple stripe, not too tightly, and then weaved in the end (talk about tempting Fate!). What I've found is that this has created a hard seam that is acutely noticeable when the sock is on the foot. I will have to unpick it and see if I can find another way. Grr. There is work to be done here. I am also less than delighted with the toe on Sock 2. I am occasionally tempted to cut off the sock at the leg and knit the heel and foot of Sock 2 all over again, from scratch. Luckily, I have more yarn.

Now, these are all small items but nonetheless they are nearly all Finished and I figure that has to clear the way for larger items such as Perugino II, CPH, Basil & Green Silk Happiness, right?

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Ahna said...

I hear you about Flickr. I have my own self-made knitting database on my computer but I thought I may as well do the Ravelry thing since you can queue up projects you want to do, etc. Anyway, I was pissed because you had to have a flickr account to upload photos. Eventually I found a way around it, though I can't remember at the moment. I'll get back to ya!