Sunday, October 28, 2007

A little progress

Well, my persistent tackling of the over-numerous WIPs is paying off. I finally sewed the buttons on the Baby Surprise Jacket, so it's ready for dispatch, and the Finishing Basket is empty (that's never happened before!). Imken's socks are dry & ready to go in the post. I've also used recent commuting time to unpick Sock 2 of the Badly Behaved Rainbow Socks so that it's now currently in two separate pieces. I might completely frog the toe & foot section and reknit it from the heel onwards. So that's my job for this afternoon.

With the small items boxed off, that has cleared the way a bit for me to re-energise the larger WIPs. I've decided to tackle them one at a time, so I'm almost exclusively working on Perugino II at the moment (with occasional sneaky short bursts on Basil, which is my no-brainer project for when I can't handle anything else). Perugino actually had an end-of-October deadline attached to it when I started a few months ago, so that's why it's my top priority now. 60% of the actual knitting is done. I know from experience that blocking it and making the tassels won't be quick but it's making measurable progress, that's the main thing.

Wouldn't it be nice if I had everything done by Xmas, then I could have a completely fresh line-up of projects to start 2008. Something to aim for.

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Fiona said...

Good luck finishing everything! All my ally Pally stash is promised to myself for when I finish my gifts.