Monday, October 08, 2007

Finishing: Late Update

I'm very pleased to announce that this evening I took Imken's angora socks from the UFO pile and finally knit the second toe to the right length. They have entered the Finishing Basket (which means that right now they are actually nestling among nice-smelling soaps, dried lavender and other almost-finished knitted things, gathering a nice fragrance while waiting to have their ends weaved in).

The other big achievement this evening was weaving in all the remaining ends on the Baby Surprise Jacket. The boucle was a pain. If you have ever tried to weave boucle ends into boucle fabric, you'll know what I'm talking about. All that remains to do now is sewing up the shoulder seams (oh great, more boucle!) and sewing on the buttons.

*glows with pride*


Aberdonian said...

Well done! Keep going! *ignores UFO pile*

Fiona said...

Well done!!! I'm not a fan of boucle BECAUSE of all that hard work. The finished products always look amazing!