Sunday, October 14, 2007

The dernier cri in luxury yarn

This isn't a news update, although I have been pretty good about doing some finishing this weekend. No, it is to alert you to this, possibly the most luxurious and frou-frou yarn in the world. No, really, It makes Tilli Tomas look like Ann Widdecombe.

The yarn of which I speak is Ribbon Ball by Be Sweet. It's composed of a strand of fluffy mohair, a small, loopy boucle & a thin metallic thread, and it looks like this:

See those bows? Those are hand-tied on to the yarn by women in South Africa (there's a Fair Trade-y back story to the product to make you feel better about the outrageous, Marie Antoinette luxury of it all).

Loop in Lnodon are selling it for £18 for 50g.


Aberdonian said...

Ouch, that's steep! And a bit ugly. :$

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

LoL! Tilly Tomas/Anne Widicome!!

You cracked me up!!

What on earth could you make with it though??