Saturday, September 01, 2007

Slow Progress & Fresh Starts

It is a strange old time. I have WIPs that I am aching to finish, yarn shortages, things destined for the frog pond, and new, challenging projects urgently pressing.

Stalled Projects

Baby Surprise Jacket:

I'm so frustrated that I haven't finished this for Clara's birthday. As you know, I ran out of teal Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran yarn and it is at a standstill. Very sadly, I am relegating it to a UFO for the time being. Now I'm wondering if I can quickly whip something else up for Clara in the meantime.

Green Silk Happiness

Take a look at this, before it hits the frog pond:

I am actually still in love with this project, and my willingness to frog most of what you see here is a sign of my affection. On the plus side, the sequinned panel looks great, and so does the 'watery' effect of the changing shades of green on the lower panel. On the minus side, it has absolutely no shaping at the waist and is a size too large. So I am going to frog all the way back to where it joins in front under the bust. I don't really mind doing this because I treasure the yarn and I want to make something worthy with it. The only part that bothers me is that I wanted to have this finished by now so I could get on with other things. Never mind. It will just have to sit on the WIP list and plod along in its own time.

Fresh, New, Sexy Projects

Perugino II

Yes, I am delighted to reveal that there is going to be a Perugino II. As you'll recall, the original was full of vibrants purples, reds & pinks. This one is going to be all about forest greens & chestnut browns. Very Exciting. I haven't unpacked the yarn yet but I will start it this week and show you the photos as soon as.

Central Park Hoodie

An impulsive new entry. I don't know too much about cables, but I really want to make one of these:

In a fit of enthusiasm, I started a mini-KAL with one of my online friends, and today is the designated start day. I am preparing to swatch.

This lovely cabled hoodie is knit to a gauge of 17sts to 4". The yarn I want to use is RYC Soft Lux, which comes with a recommended gauge of 19sts. I'm hoping it'll be OK; we'll have to see what the swatch looks like.

It should use about 10 balls of Soft Lux, I guesstimate.


Fair Isle Socks

Another mini-KAL is happening. I am utterly entranced by the Fair Isle sock designs of Red Bird Knits and I have to make some, and so I accidentally started another mini-KAL. I have two pairs of plain vanilla socks OTN, so I figure if I finish one of those really fast, then I'll have spare capacity to allocate to a pair of these extraordinary socks.

So there you go. All change for September.


Fiona said...

The Central Park Hoodie is fab - don't have time to join a KAL at the moment, but I'm hanging onto this idea for the future. And your 'green silk happiness' is just lovely.

Brown Berry said...

There is a great KAL for this at that I was a part of. You can find tons of great tips here about knitting the body in one piece, short row shaping for the shoulders and sizing (this runs pretty narrow). Hope that helps! I linked here from the SKS blog. :)