Sunday, September 16, 2007

In which Beelzebub rises & knits on

Thank you, kind readers, for your well wishes. I did not like being away from my computer for so long, but I am delighted to report that we are now back on the air, so let's get straight on with a knitting news update. How are all those September WIPs coming along?

Green Silk Happiness (StitchDiva Simple Knitted Bodice)
Soon after we last spoke of this, I frogged most of it due to it being too large. I frogged it right back to the point before where the garment joins under the bust. Frogging was a total 'mare. The sequinned yarn absolutely hated being frogged and I ended up shredding the bottom hem to get it undone. The lace panel around the middle came undone a bit more easily, thankfully. At the bust line, I had to make a decision. Was I going to frog back even further and basically reknit the whole top in Size 1 instead of Size 2? (Pros: would narrow the potentially flappy arms. Cons: the sleeves might end up too tight under the armpit.). In the end, I decided not to frog back any more. I joined the garment in front under the bust. Then I knit a round in which I reduced my stitch count by a massive 28 stitches to bring it down to the required number for Size 1. And I'm now knitting the lace panel again on that, smaller number of stitches.

You can't really see the shape of it here because it's compressed on a short circular needle, but I've tried it on and I hope & believe it's going to be a lovely shape. The version I just frogged was too shapeless and sack-like. I think that Mark II is going to gather noticeably under the bust and go all clingy around the waist until I put the darts in on the lower panel. Va-va-voom.

Central Park Hoodie
This is coming along really well, I've just completed a sleeve. I can't believe I used to be scared of cables. They are really no effort and what a dramatic effect!

I've started the second sleeve today and I'm just past the ribbing.

Perugino II
This is making super progress, and what lovely fabric it's yielding. This is so much quicker and easier than the first one, it makes me ponder the merits of knitting everything twice.

Don't tell anyone but I have a kit for a third one in my desk at work.

Basil in Rowan Summer Tweed
During the slow recuperation from illness that has characterised the last couple of days, I needed something very, very simple to knit. Simpler than socks, even. Something that didn't require me to count, think or even look much at what I was doing. Well, in my knitting room lurked some rather lovely Rowan Summer Tweed in a shade exactly like popcorn. It's 70% silk, the rest is wool and it's very textured, not a super-soft fibre at all. It's got personality though, and with a texture like string it's dead easy to work with by touch instead of sight.

And here's what I'm making. It's 'Basil' from the Summer Tweed pattern support book.

An ultra-simple, plain V-neck sweater in stocking stitch. There isn't even any ribbing on the cuffs, that's how minimal it is. It is perfect no-brainer knitting. Of course, now I'm feeling a little better I want something more challenging again, but this will do perfectly for times when I am tired or under the weather and want something easy.

Sock News

Sven's Arsenal socks are coming along. There has been a lot of measuring and trying on. I think we are finally there with the sizing now. The only thing that troubles me is that I know I cast on 64 stitches, so how did I have 66 stitches when I got to the end? It is driving me a bit mad because I want to know the exact spec to use for Sven's socks in future. And because I now have to knit another sock exactly the same as this:

Ian's rainbow socks are doing well, they are my new travelling socks and now I'm back at work they'll get at least a couple of rows each day as I travel between home and office.

First Sweater for DS
Well, clearly I don't need any more WIPs but let's add an item to the Plans list just for fun. The sweater you see below is called Edan and it's in Rowan's new Pure Wool pattern book. I'm actually going to be knitting it in RYC Cashsoft DK, in a shade called Poppy. Nice pattern, isn't it? I am excitedly waiting for the yarn to arrive. I am happy to add this sweater to the WIP list as it'll be the first that my DS has let me make him. Having seen me knit a few nice items for myself, he finally conceded that he would like a sweater and approved this pattern. He chose the yarn himself from Rowan shade cards so I'm as sure as I can be that he's going to be happy with it. Not being married to my BF, I obviously observe the Sweater Curse (and in any case it's his own mum's privilege to knit for him) so I have been aching to knit a sweater for my DS and I'm thrilled that he's finally on board with the idea. I'll show you the yarn as soon as it arrives.

Also coming up next time: I'll show you some Lorna's Laces sock yarn and some sock patterns to make your mouth water. Until then ......

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