Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wednesdays are for angora socks

It's about time I showed you the angora socks I'm making for Imken.

I'm working with a luxury sock kit from Angel Yarns, a delightful, self-contained project I've assigned to Wednesdays. The yarn is 100% angora and is so soft you want to sleep next to it. Now, I know a lot of people find angora a bit sneezy but of course these are socks. What with feet being geographically quite far from noses, I'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem for the wearer. The colours, which are pretty true in this picture, are the softest sage green, heathery purple and a few flashes of cream. The colourway would be daring if it were brighter, but these tones are so subdued, they can't help but agree.
When the kit first arrived I couldn't believe the ball of DK yarn was only 50g. I'm used to buying sock yarn in 100g balls of 4ply. How would there be enough? The friendly folks at Angel Yarns assured me that no-one has ever complained of running out, so I started knitting and what do you know, the ball just doesn't seem to get any smaller.
The kit includes a set of five steel dpns, 3.5mm (I love needles, you can never have too many tools). Although I find two circs or Magic Loop easier to work with for socks, I occasionally knit on a set of dpns for variety. On this occasion, I'm using all five needles. Railway-tracks at the point where you change needles are hard to avoid, esp with plain stocking stitch on traditional dpns, so I thought I'd distribute them in four places around the sock, rather than three, and make a feature out of it.
OK, time to knit on that sock. See you next time.

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Kay said...

Ooh, meow. Those look yummy, and I bet they'll feel delicious on the feet.