Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Project Harlot

Right now, I am enjoying having a lot of knitting projects on the go. I love that diversity among knitters: some are incredibly focussed and whip out one FO after another as if by magic (nods to Susan), while just at the moment I'm really getting off on having half a dozen projects in progress at one time. Just to be geeky, I've got them on a rota, a different one every day. Want to hear about it?

Monday: Rainbow Socks. Doing very well, with a very tidy short-row heel in contrasting colours. Photos soon.

Tuesday: Red/White Stripy Socks. Frogged and due to be restarted tomorrow. The sock was much too tight for the recipient's instep, so I am going to add 10 stitches and start again. He wanted to salvage it as a mitten. I did not think this was a good idea.

Check out the stripes on that short-row heel, though. With more stitches and a bit more ease, that's going to be really nice.

Wednesday: Imken's Angora Socks. These babies are coming along beautifully, I'm just now putting a foot on Sock 1. Pictures coming really soon, I promise.

Thursday: Remedial Extra Time for the Red/White Stripy Socks. Enough said.

Friday: Any. Whatever I'm most keen to get on with.

Weekend: Baby Surprise Jacket and Green Silk Happiness (aka Simple Knitted Bodice).

Baby Surprise Jacket
A surprise in more ways than one. Have you ever seen this on the Plans list, or heard me mention it before? I don't think so. What happened was, I acquired a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's collected newsletters, and it includes the pattern for a BSJ. I'd obviously heard of the famous garment and wanted to have a look at the pattern underlying its mystery construction. It looked simple in writing, but the illustration of the finished piece of knitting, prior to folding into a jacket, looked like something from outer space. I was intrigued and couldn't help picking up the needles. It's coming along nicely.

Green Silk Happiness (aka Simple Knitted Bodice)
Oh, it's doing all right. About 40 rows in, I realised I hadn't paid proper attention to the instructions about increasing on the outer edges. Also I had size and gauge issues. So I frogged it and immediately restarted it on a different needle. I even conditioned the yarn after frogging it by holding it over steam to make the curls drop out (a trick I learned from Lucy Neatby's utterly fabulous DVDs about knitting). So it is doing OK, even though progress appears to be slow. It's knit from the top down and it will soon be time to divide for the sleeves, so things are about to get exciting.

Travelling: Purple Basketweave Socks Doing well. I've started the cuff on Sock 2.

Added to this, I predict that some time in the near future, there will be a Perugino II. Seriously.

And that's all tonight's news.

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Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

I love your schedule! Uber-organised.

Having that many WIPs would drive me insane - if I have 2 I feel terribly guilty and decadent!!